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Hair Loss Services and Scalp Treatment

If Thinning Hair is your challenge, you’ve come to the right place!

My Scandinavian Scalp Treatment will identify challenges that may be interrupting hair growth.

Using a microscope to analyse the hair follicles, allows us to see up close and create a plan to get your hair growing again! 


Next, we remove any build-up with massage, dry brushing, use a High frequency wand to combat bacteria and stimulate the follicle. Next, we’ll exfoliate the scalp, balance with Exfoliative therapy, Rejuvenating hair mist, and a Deep conditioning treatment, and hot steamy towels.


Hand and arm massage are next, followed by a clinically proven Natural Anti-Hair Loss System . And the Big finish! (Home care regimen recommended) 

Great hair is NOT out of reach!  If you are not sure where to start, let me help you take the guess work out of it. 


 Natural Anti-Hair Loss System

Certified Organic Anti Hair Loss System effectively combats  hair loss, stimulates hair growth. Made with Certified organic Aloe Vera, Olive Fruit Extract, Almond oil, Ginger Root,, Rose flower water Pure silk and so many other natural ingredients. 

Click the link below to dive deep into this Natural Hair Loss system,  its benefits as well as amazing before and after results! 




 Hair Replacement Options

Hairdreams Microlines are an innovative immediate solution to hair loss, specifically designed for thinning & balding at the crown.

 These toppers are made with 100% human hair, are practically weightless, discreet, almost undetectable and blend s in with your own hair. Worn for 6-8weeks at a time, with no lifestyle restrictions.


See for yourself what a confidence boost this hair piece can achieve for those who've run out of options and no longer want to be known for their hair loss! ( Salon visits required approximately every 3-6wks for adjustments)

Pricing begins at $1150.00. 

Hair Loss and Scalp Services

Natural Anti-Hair Loss System: Before & After 


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